Where to Find and Buy Shirataki Noodles

Supermarket Shopper

While Shirataki noodles have gained popularity in the past few years, it can sometimes be difficult to actually find them.  National supermarket chains might carry shirataki noodles, but you might be hard pressed to find them.  If you check the pasta section of your supermarket you will not find them located there.  You can sometimes find shirataki noodles in the Asian or international food section of your supermarket. They are usually good for one year.  If you need tofu shirataki noodles, they are usually kept in the refridgerated case right next to where you find the tofu. 

If your local supermarket does not carry shirataki noodles, you can check your local Asian supermarket.  You can usually ask for shirataki noodles by name.  If not, you might want to try asking for konjac (pronounced KON-JACK) noodles or konnyaku (pronounced KON-YAK-OO).  These are fairly common Japanese words for the noodles.

You can also purchase these noodles online!  You can find all types of shirataki noodles as well as glucomannan supplements right here at our Amazon.com powered shirataki store.

Below is a funny video of Hunry Girl Lisa Lillien on her quest to find shirataki noodles.

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