Can Shirataki Noodles Help With Weight Loss?


Noodles and pastas, are almost a universally loved food across the globe.  Regular noodles and pastas are full of refined flour, which adds is high in carbohydrates.  Noodles and pastas are high in gluten which can also increase the sugar level in blood.

Many diet conscious people have completely removed pasta dishes in an order to maintain their diet plans.  Shirataki noodles have emerged as a healthy option for dieters who crave for noodles but would like a low calorie substitute.

Regular shirataki noodles contain almost no calories, carbohydrates, fat, sugar, protein, or gluten.  Although shirataki noodles contain carbohydrates, very little of it is digested in the small intestine.  Tofu shirataki noodles does have around 40 calories per serving.  Compare that to about 200 calories per serving of regular flour based noodles and dieters can immediately save calories.

In addition to having almost no calories or usable carbohydrates, shirataki noodles contain a type of soluble fiber called glucomannan.  Fiber is also known to help lower cholesterol, improve constipation by acting as a bulk laxative.  Fiber also may help regulate blood sugar, possibly through a delay in stomach emptying.  Due to the high amount of soluble fiber present, shirataki noodles can leave you feeling full and satisfied all-day long.

Your body wastes energy unsuccessfully trying to digest the fiber, when it is unable to do so. In this sense, fiber is the only actual negative calorie food available because the body still tries to digest it and uses energy to push it through your system with all the other waste.

Thus, shirataki noodles will pass through your system entirely undigested, leaving the actual noodles in your waste.

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