Are Shirataki Miracle Noodles?


Shirataki noodles are known by many different names.  They have sometimes been called “miracle noodles” because of two reasons:

A Zero or Low Calorie Noodle

It is incredibly hard for many people to believe that there actually is a product in the noodle form that has either zero calories or absolutely no calories at all.  If someone addicted to pasta or on a low cab diet is actively trying to lose weight, this can seem like a miracle product.  The potential to eat just as much of this pasta as you would like without suffering a high calorie consequence have many people believing this is in an absolute miracle.

Brand Name

Some people call shirataki or konjac noodles the “miracle noodle” because there is a a shirataki noodle product with the brad name Miracle Noodle.  as with many products, people will often adapt the brand name of a product as the actual product name.  This was true of Xerox for photocopying, Kellogg’s for corn flakes, and White Out for liquid paper.

miracle noodle

Miracle Noodle Brand shirataki noodles

But shirataki noodles are produced by many different companies and are available with a host of different brand names.  You have no need to fear that a shirataki noodle product with a different brand name is not the “real” shirataki noodle.  A noodle by any name, as long as they say shirataki noodle, is the product that you are probably seeking.

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